Spring Snow Goose Hunting in South Dakota & Missouri - Eaglehead Outdoors


Nick Posusta

First off, I am a very passionate waterfowl hunter. I have been guiding snow geese for over six years from Canada all the way down to Mississippi. I have been chasing waterfowl for over fifteen years. Snow geese, in my opinion, are one of the most challenging birds to pursue. Due to the fact that they migrate in such large numbers, snow geese can be one of the most challenging waterfowl to decoy. Other than time I spend guiding waterfowl (9 months of every year), you'll find me fishing salmon runs, hunting other game, or working on a boat in Alaska. I live to hunt and fish, but snow geese are my passion. This is why I want to put my eleven years of decoying snows to work for you!





Matt Manuel

For me the outdoors is my life! Waterfowling is my main passion with an addiction to snow geese! I've hunted snow geese from Canada to Arkansas. I have been guiding for the past 14 years. When I'm not in the goose field you can find me on the water fishing or chasing mule deer and elk out west. I'm originally from Minnesota but moved to North Dakota in 2003 to attend The University of North Dakota (where I majored in waterfowling). I have gained a lot of knowledge about birds since living in the midwest over the past 14 years while working as a guide and running Eaglehead. I love to share my passion and knowledge with those I hunt with.





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