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Welcome to Eaglehead Outdoors snow goose hunting guides of Missouri & South Dakota. Our goose hunting reports and field news are often updated daily during the season, CHECK BACK OFTEN!

Spring 2019:  The spring season will soon be upon us!  To stay up to date on the action check out our Facebook page for live videos and daily pictures from the fields!

Spring 2018:  This was the year to remember!!  With an outstanding hatch the precious summer the young birds were plentiful! We had record numbers harvested in both Arkansas and Missouri.  We ended the season north of 10,000 birds in the US and 3,500 in Saskatchewan. 

Spring 2016: This year has had its many ups and downs in the first two weeks.  Arkansas has had its high moments with a few days already reaching the 100 bird mark.  SE MO has been a battle so far.  we've had a few good days when the weather cooperated us, but on the other hand we've also had a few really slow days.  That's why they call it hunting.  The birds seem to be really spread out this year with the amount of water down in the south.  Also the lack of winter this year, many birds never made it to their usual wintering grounds.  we will be starting Mound City this week with the warm tepms in the forecast.  Check our Facebook page for day to day pictures and reports!



Spring 2015: The season has started off with the best hunting we have ever experienced. Arkansas has been unreal for us. Starting feb. 1 we will have 3 spreads running in SE MO and 1 still running in Ark. For frequent reports and pictures click the link on our homepage to our facebook page. We update daily with pictures and videos from the days hunts.


 Spring 2017 was one for the record books! Ended up harvesting 6,476 geese on the season! Check out our Facebook Page for up to date photos and Videos.  Along with any last minute openings.  We are now booking for Spring 2018!


Mar 5th: Were still digging out from winter storm titan it got nasty down here in SE MO. Prior to the storm we had been averaging close to 50 geese a day. We will be running two spreads down here through the weekend and 2 starting tomorrow in Mound City we are expecting a major push of geese into the area tomorrow and friday!


Feb 27th: We currently mave a big move back south due to no open water and a major storm/cold front to hit mound city this weekend.We had a few good days up there but with no open water the geese left as fast as they came, were south now and hoping on a reverse migration and some new birds from the south. We start hunting again today for more day to day reports click our facebook page link on our home page.


Feb 17: Sorry were behind on hunting reports too busy dodging ice stroms and moving in every direction but north. Started the season with a bang then had massive ice strom hit us down in SE MO. We ended up heading to central Ark. It was well worth it, we were "IM UM" we just pulled the pin down there and headed north last night to hunt back up here in SE MO for 2 days. Tomorrow night after pulling spreads were headed back to Mound City. There is massive migration in progress down here today and warm weather coming... they are going to push hard. For more day to day updates go to our home page and click the facebook link even if you're not on facebook you can watch our day to day progress.


Nov 10 2013: We will be heading to Nodak to shoot snows this week should have a great scouting report when I return. We still have a few spots open for this spring in : South East MO Mound City And Sodak!!!


Oct 29 2013: Its that time of year again snow geese are starting to weigh heavy on the mind! All reports and from what we ahve seen in the field indicated there was an amazing hatch and with that means an amazing spring!!!

March 25 2013: Very windy ended with 6 and 8

March 24 2013: Hunted half day...very strong NW wind. ended with a 2 and 4

March 23 2013: Had two spreads running. Snow flurries and windy tough decoying birds. ended with 9 and and 11

March 22 2013: Snow and clouds ended with 9. Set second spread.

March 21 2013: Hunted half day ended with 19 lots of geese in the area.

March 20 2013: Set first spread. Frozen ground!!!!

March 19 2013: Scouted SD and Locked up a few good fields.

March 18 2013: Last morning in MO. Ended with 9...picked spread and moved to SD.

March 17 2013: slow moring not many geese left on squaw creek, afternoon got wild put down 42 total in about an hour last little trickle of juvies coming through

March 16 2013: lost alot of geese last 2 days, shot 21 on the day along with a double banded blue and a adult snow with a write in band on it

March 15 2013: very hot high temp 83 still put down 31

March 14 2013: shot 47 very warm highs in the 70's

March 13 2013: migration today some new juvies in the area one field ended with 96

March 12 2013: very windy over 40 mph shot 10

March 11 2013: overcast again ran one field shot 32

March 10 2013: very windy and rainy all day ran one spread shot 54

March 9 2013: very rainy today still shot good numbers one filed had 30 the other ended with 41

March 8 2013: Perfect condiotns today with new birds in the area one spread shot 56 the other shot 106 a great spring day in Mo

March 7 2013: spread 1 shot 14, spread 2 shot 41 juvies showing up

March 6 2013: Finally had the right conditions with clear sunny skies and a light wind. putting down 80 in the evening hunt.

March 5 2013: very windy condtions 30+ mph! making it tough to decoy. ended with a 12 and 8

March 4 2013: Finally saw a break with a new push of birds after the snow storms. fields ending with 22, 10, and 4

March 3 2013: toughing it out with all three fields ending in single digits. 2, 4, 5

March 2 2013: hunted a half day in one field ending with a 2 and the other field with 3

March 1 2013: tough conditions low clouds and high winds ended with 5 and 2

Feb 28 2013: still tough hunting. ending with a 3 and 2

Feb 27 2013: Spread one shot 5, Spread two shot 2. Very windy and cloudy all adult geese around. Weather is about to break, calling for sun the next 3 days and the weather will be warming quickly calling for 50 degree temps next week the migration will be on starting this weekend!!!

Feb 26 2013: Spread one shot 15, Spread two shot 10 very tough conditions very windy and low lying clouds

Feb 25 2013: Spread one shot 25, Spread two shot 5. All adult birds

Feb 24 2013: Hunted the am shot 5 no wind lots of frost very tough conditions.

Feb 23 2013: spread one shot 15 spread two shot 36 a few more juvies showed up in the afternoon.

Feb 22 2013: Set spread in am 4 inches of snow on the ground shot 12 total on the day all adults.

Feb 21 2013 : looks like the snow totals may be on the lighter side of what they predicted at this time.we currently have 3 inches on the ground.

Feb 20 2013: In preperation for the storm Q. Had a cancellation for Feb 28-Mar 2 Those are gonna be hot dates if anyone is interested call matt 952 457 2880 Thanks

Feb 19 2013: Running one spread again only in the morning shot 3 birds did not move very cold and windy.Heavy snow forcasted to hit all of midwest will interesting to see the out come.

Feb 18 2013: Only hunting one spread in Nw Mo shot 22 very windy conditions birds did not move much.

Feb 17 2013 : Mound city spread shot 28. SE spread shot 12 again. Picked Se spread heading north to Mound City

Feb 16 2013: Mound City spread shot 40 While it was slow again down south we managed to kill 12

Feb 15 2013; Ran one spread in mound city and one in SE MO Mound city total was 28 and SE MO was 12

Feb 14 2013: Shot 72 down in SE MO, while matt spread in Mound City ..Check our facebook page for recent pics and videos!!

Feb 13 2013: Hunted one field again shot 20 pulled one spread sent matt up to mound city while I stay down in SE MO through sunday.

Feb 12 2013 : hunted one spread didnt see very many birds killed 13

Feb 11 2013: Spread one shot 71 and spread two shot 28 with two guns a great day at EHO!

Feb 10 2013: One spread hunted till 9 am until we were blowing out by heavy rain and lightning but we had an action packed moring killing 32.

Feb 9 2013: Spread one started slow with 2 before lunch then piled up the migrators in the afternoon ending with 42 total. Spread two had birds moving all day and shot 61.

Feb 8 2013: Rainy and low lying clouds all day with a strong north wind shot 53 for one spread. Will have two spreads going again tomorrow.

Feb 7 2013: Morning hunt only 3 guns 25 birds

Feb 6 2013: scouting today

Feb 5 2013: shot 40 today for one spread.

Feb 4 2013: Rainy and wet all day had one spread running shot 75!

Feb 3 2013: Only running one spread 25 am and 10 for the afternoon

Feb 2 2013: Spread 1 shot 67 spread 2 shot 27 fair amount of juvies

Feb 1 2013: Set spread am. Hunted pm 2 guns 25 birds

Jan 30 2013: strong storms ripped through SE MO last night and left fields extra soggy. We found lots of geese today and will be setting spreads tomorrow check back friday to see how opening day goes!!!

Jan 21 2013: we stil have a few weeek days open for SE MO book them while there still open!! Feb 5-7th

Dec 24 2012: Matt and I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A month from now we will be headed south to start the seasonLaughing


Dec 14 2012: Just got home from a scouting mission in SE MO. Already lots of birds down there and with the weather forcast looking like winter for once we're thinking we might get those birds all the way south unlike last year. We had a very succsessful trip locking up several potential fields for the beginning of Feb. We still have a few dates open for down there!!!!


Nov 11 2012: Just returned from a short snow goose hunting trip. All I can really say is WOW there is alot of juvies if that trip was any indication of how the spring might be, oil up your guns and bring extra shells!!! It was unreal how the birds worked and the sheer numbers of juvies. We experienced massive tornado after tornado all the way into the kill hole. Things are shaping up to be a great spring looks like winter is well on its way here and should get the birds as far south as they need to be to provide a long drawn out migration this spring. Now its time to get into some of these MN geese and ducks. Check back often for more reports.


August 29, 2012: Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth at game fair it was a huge turnout. We donated free hunts to the youth calling contests this year for the winner and a parent. So congrats to Dale hunter who won the youth duck and goose calling contests.

March 20, 2012: When the birds started to leave the roosts this morning, it was apparent that the we had lost most of the small pockets of birds we had left overnight. We had one spread running shot 5 in the morning and decided to pull the final spread and call it quits way to early in the year! A majority of the birds have moved north into North Dakota and even Canada. Check soon as we travel to North Dakota and possibly Canada to do some fun hunting to end the season!

March 19, 2012: The few roosts that are sticking it out in these extreamly mild temps and south winds are starting to loose numbers daily. We only had one spread running today ending with 19.

March 18, 2012: Had HOT and windy conditions. Temps reached 86 and a 30mph south wind. One spread only hunted an half day and shot 25. The other hunted all day and ended with 56.

March 17, 2012: Had some heavy fog move in, but it paid off! One spread had a hell of a shoot putting down 127. The other ended with 18.

March 16, 2012: Scouted and found a little pocket of the few remaining birds. It paid off for one spread putting down 60 and the other ending with 12.

March 15, 2012: Saw birds picking up and headed north today with temps in the high 70s to 80. Both spreads had average days ending with 25 and 23.

March 14, 2012: Saw a little push today of some younger birds. ended with a 19 and a 20.

March 13, 2012: Warm temps made it a little tougher today. Ended with a 23 and 18.

March 12, 2012: Had two spreads up and running. Ended the day with a 31 and a 12.

March 11, 2012: Only had one field agian running. Only hunted the morning and shot 43. Scouted and found another field and set our second spread.

March 10, 2012: Had extremely warm conditions and the birds did not move much. Ended the day with 20

March 9, 2012: Had our fist field running in SD today. Had wet conditions, but still managed to survive the mud bath and put 31 on the ground.

March 7, 2012: Only had one spread up and running due to the lack of birds. Maybe saw 3K before lunch. With 6 on the ground. Nick is now in SD. He is reporting LARGE numbers of birds in the hunting area. Still snow on the ground, but warm temps will take care of that! WE HAVE A FEW WEEK DAYS STILL OPEN IF INTERESTED...MARCH 20-22 AND MARCH 26-28. KILL THEM BEFORE THEY LEAVE!!!!

March 6, 2012: Had a decent morning flight, but most birds never came back!! Very few birds on refuge...maybe 120K. Ended putting down 6 in on field and 33 in the other. With very few birds left, we took a gamble and pulled a spread after dark and Nick drove all night to SD in hopes of gettin us back under the birds!! Matt will be out of here Thurdsday night!

March 5, 2012: Had a very little push of some new birds, but just as many if not more pulling out at the same time headed north!! One field lucked out and was under the flight putting down 50. The other one was out of the flight and ended with 3.

March 4, 2012: Birds seem to be leaving the area at a rapid pace with not a lot of new birds showing up. Had another tough day ending with 3 and 17.

March 3, 2012: Today was a tough day accross the board. Ending with a 7 and a 9.

March 2, 2012: One field had a little slower day ending with 11 while the other one had a little better luck putting 38 down.

March 1, 2012: Had an average day today with one field shooting 27 and the other ending with 15.

Feb 29, 2012: Had thunderstorms roll in last night with high west winds up to 40 MPH. So far this morning we have 15 on the ground.

Feb 28, 2012: Had another above average day today putting the hurt on them. One field ended with 51 and the other with 39!

Feb 27, 2012: Had two spreads rolling with one killing 60 and the other ending with 27!

Feb 26, 2012: Had two spreads running again for the morning and one for the evening. The morning spread ended with 43 and the all day field ended with 35.

Feb 25, 2012: Had a good day. Birds worked well for both spreads. One ended with 75 and the other with 65!

Feb 24, 2012: Woke up to a light dusting of snow and Strong NW winds again. Made for tough decoying birds. Ended the morning with 14. Picked up one spread and set up on a hot field, with high hopes for tonight!! Had another snow storm roll through during the night hunt and the birds never made it to the field. ended with 23 on the day.

Feb 23, 2012: Really windy conditions today. NW 25-30 MPH birds flying low. Sitting with 49 down so far at luch!!! Ended the day with 64! Had to strong of winds for the birds to work well. Not a bad overall day!

Feb 22, 2012: Had no clients today. Hunted the morning and ended with 14. Scouted in the evening.:

Feb 21, 2012: Had a great day with only 3 shooters. Managed to put down 52 on the day! Had a few migrator flocks drop from the ozone right in your face!!

Feb 20, 2012: so far today we haved 31 down only hunting one spread. pics coming soon!!!

Feb 19, 2012: ended today with 27 and a 28 lots of adult birds.

Feb 18, 2012: Ended yesterday with 51. Today was not as good but still solid for killing adults we shot 30 and a 28.

Feb 17 2012: Birds are pouring into squaw creek. million plus here as of today and temps forcasted in upper 40's to low 50's. First hunt of the year this morning we put down 40 and tonight should be equally as good. We still have open spots from feb20th -feb 26th. Were still running 125 a day for these days!!! call asap if interested 320 224 3615 nick

952 457 2880 matt

get here while its hot!!!!

Feb 9, 2012: Its go time! squaw creek is reporting over 750k with more in the surrounding areas. Cold temps are being forcasted for the next 5 days, but by next wed its back to mid 40's should be more birds pushing in by the end of next week if not earlier. We will be there come join us!!!! still a few spots open from the 17th - 26th of feb, call asap if interested. Ill be posting again in a few days once we arrive in mound city!!!

Feb 2, 2012: As of today squaw creek is reporting 400k snows, but looks like they'll be staying there for awhile Nebraska is in a blizzard warning untill late sat night with snow fall amounts anywhere from 10-12 inches in the western half of the state, and up to or over five inches for the eastern half. Also following that low pressure system they're projecting temps to be in the mid to high 30's with lows below freezing...

Feb 1, 2012: Well today kicked off the opening of the spring conservation season in MO. I have already heard of a few good reports from guys in Mo shooting some geese. Were headed down soon and have too hot weekends open. Feb 17th -19th and also feb 24th -26th. Will be down there shooting geese come join us for a weekend. The 10 day forcast doesnt look like its gonna slow the birds down from getting to squaw creek but looks like nebraska and south dakota are getting some weather that will hold the birds up for awhile.

Jan 30,2012: Its that time of year again snow melting and birds are heading back north, and earlier than usuall!!! There is already huntable number of birds across much of MO including mound city. We are currently running an early bird special since we are going to be hunting geese in mound city at least 10 days earlier than expected. From feb 17th - feb 26th and these days only we are selling hunts for $125 a day per man!!

Call Asap if interested in getting in on some early hunting in NW MO.

Nick 320 224 3615

Matt 952 457 2880

Our trailers are packed and we will be heading south in 2 weeks, keep checking back for updates!!!!

April 27, 2011:

The season has come to an end for Matt and I, trailers are all packed up and stored away for the year. I was an amazing spring!!! Our bags are packed and tickets purchased we're headed back to Alaska for the summer!!! Check back we will be posting our final numbers for the year soon. Have a great summer!

April 10-14, 2011:

Did some fun hunting with Buddies up in North Dakota. Not many birds left in the state, but putting on lots of scouting miles we managed to find a few pockets of birds. We ended the week with right around 500 birds. Had one amazing morning putting down 227 in and hour and half! Hopefully we will find time to get back out for one last hunt before its all done for the year!

April 6, 2011:

Did the same thing today finding another juvie pocket and only hunting the morning. Had some huge flocks decoy in tight which made for some great rain outs! Ended the morning with 86!

April 5, 2011:

Not many brids left in the area so we put on a few miles and found a nice juvie feed. Decided to set up on them for the morning only putting out about 500 decoys, the hard work paid off as we killed 93 in the am shoot and ended the day with 103!

April 4, 2011:

Had a great day with a push of juvies into the area. Lots of working migrator flocks were eating up the spread. Put down 87 on the day!

April 3, 2011:

Had one spread runniung only in the morning, but they managed to kill 18. The second spread hunted the all day and ended with 32.

April 2, 2011:

The hard work of moving the spread paid of with some birds in the area that were eating up the spread. Had a great day putting down 74. The other spread farther south also had a good day seeing a small push of juvies. They ended the day with 44.

April 1, 2011:

Had a decent morning and starting loosing birds in the late morning headed north. Ended the day with a 18 and a 22. Scouted the evening and found a field so we picked a spread after dark and reset it north about 45 miles for the morning hunt!

March 31, 2011:

Set a new spread and it paid off. Had and good day in the rain! Managed to put down 75!

March 30, 2011:

Had a decent day with a tough morning with frost and no wind, but managed to put down 24 on the day.

March 29, 2011:

Had another good day in the snow putting down 63.

March 28, 2011:

Hunted one spread with new snow on the ground and high winds. Ended the day with 51.

March 27, 2011:

Only hunted one spread in the am shooting 8. The other spread hunted all day puttin down 24. Had some cold temps in the mornings and birds were not feeding till the PM.

March 26, 2011:

Hunted two spreads today. Both of them faired alright, with one shooting 30 and the the other 14.

March 25, 2011:

Had two spreads running. Lots of birds back in the area, but decoying is really tough right now with cold temps and birds only feeding in the afternoon. Lots of flight, but toough pullin all the adults down. Ended the day with 10 in one spread and 12 in the other.

March 24, 2011:

Had another tough day with about 4 inches of new snow on the ground and only adults in the area, ended the day with 6.

March 23, 2011:

Got to the spread early and had to beat off all the ice and snow that had built up on the decoys. Had a tough day with stong winds out of the north causing cold temps and blowing snow all day. Saw lots of adult birds movin south, but managed to kill 6 and a Yellow neck collared ross!

March 22, 2011:

Woke up to pouring rain and 40 mph winds out of the east. Took the day off and watched the rain come down with thunder and lighting and then turn to sleet and eventually snow!

March 21, 2011:

Had a tough day but we stuck it out! The morning brought a heavy frost and then came the low clouds, which made it tough decoying adult birds. Ended grinding out 14 on the day.

March 19, 2011:

Hunted the am with high winds and overcast. Ended the morning with 31 and went back out scouting for the upcoming week.

March 18, 2011:

Set a spread in the morning and fun hunted the afternoon. Lots of adult birds around but still managed to kill 19 on the night.

March 17, 2011:

Finished pickin up the spreads in MO and hit the road to SD. Scouted around the evening with birds in the area along with LOTS of water and flooded roads!

March 15, 2011:

Hunted the am with no wind and heavy frost on the decoys. Still managed to kill 11 plus a banded snow! We picked the spread at lunch and moved it back under the flight where we managed to put 22 on the ground in the afternoon hunt.

March 14, 2011:

Not many birds left in the area, which is making it tough to stay under the flight. We had some sunny skies and no wind on the day. This caused the birds to be interested in the spread, but hard to finish with no wind to make them committe. We still managed to end the day with 47 birds!

March 13, 2011:

Had two spreads running for the morning hunt. One field lost its flight and had a bit of a struggle ending the morning with 3. The second field had a another good hunt ending with 46.

March 12, 2011:

Had another awesome day in the two spreads. Had clear skies and birds decoyed well. the spreads ended with 73 and 87 for the day!





March 11, 2011:

Had a successful day with in both spreads with sunny skies and a south wind the first part of the day. Both fields had good mornings with slower evening shoots as the winds switched to the north at 25, which slowed the evening flight. Ended with 28 in one spread and 30 in the other including a blue collar on a ross!






March 10, 2011:

Finally we had sunny skies back in the forcast! Hunted two spreads today with one ofthem not being under the flight at all. It was a strugle having to work for 3 birds. Our second spread had lots of flight, but at the same time lots of birds flying north, but still managed to put 17 down.

March 9, 2011:

Again rainy windy conditions were hanging around that made it tough. Ended with 17 on the day.

March 8, 2011:

Really rainy condtions with low clouds and wind! Hard decoying conditons. Ended the day with 16 birds, including a band on a juvie snow!

March 7, 2011:

Had another successful day in the field! Had raining conditions with light winds. The birds were decoying relatily well in the overcast conditions. We put 31 down in one field and 73 in the other, including a band on a adult snow!

March 6, 2011:

Started the day with a heavy frost on the decoys with no wind, wich made for tough decoying birds. Hunted one spread for only the am and ended with 3. The other spread hunted both am and pm and ended with 19 for the day!

March 5, 2011:

Hunted two spreads today with good success. Still hand strong north winds around this morning and temps in the low 20s. Lots of birds around with the refuge holding around 1.3 million. Managed to put down 22 in one spread and 45 in the other!

March 4, 2011:

We had some tough conditions today, with strong north winds, low clouds and drizzle. Birds were a little tougher to decoy, but still managed a good day with 36 birds!

March 3, 2011:

Started out the day preparing the spreads for the weekend hunts! Hunted tonight with 3 clients and had some amazing decoying birds! Steady south winds made for great decoying with most shots under 20 yards! Ended the night with 110!

March 2, 2011:

Had a huge push of birds into the area yesterday and today. Squaw Creek reached close to a million birds! Finally had some juvies start to show up in the flocks. It was an awesome day today, we put 90 down with three shooters, with most shots between 15 - 25 yards!

Feb 28, 2011:

Did some scouting in the morning and only hunted the afternoon. Had blue bird skys with high flying birds. Little to no wind today with the snow melting fast, but we still managed to put 30 down by the time dark came!

Feb 27, 2011:

Didnt hunt today Matt and I emptied snow from our second spread. Snow is melting fast and should be gone by Tuesday. The middle to the end of this week looks really good for some new birds to move into the area.

Feb 26, 2011:

Day two in the snow was a bit tougher with no wind, fog, and freezing drizzle. We were still under the birds, but just not enough wind to make them committe. We still had a successful day putting down 25 birds.

Feb 25, 2011:

The snow storm was a success! We ended with a total accumulation of 6 inches. We had an early morning, heading to the spread at 2 am to empty out 1500 decoys that were blown full of snow! The hard work paid off as we put 141 birds down today!


Feb 24, 2011:

Major winter storm hit today there is 3 inches of snow on the ground and still coming down. Snow covers are already on the blinds for morning. Check back tomorrow to see how the blizzard hunt turns out!!

Feb 23, 2011:

Matt and I hunted this morning and shot 24, followed by putting 12 down tonight not a bad shoot for 2 guys.





Feb 22, 2011:

Scouted this morning again even more birds in the area. Set a spread at noon. Killed 22 for two guys this afterno

on birds worked great! Still have one spread open march 1,2,3 and march 8,9,10 these are prime dates guys!!!!!!

Feb 21,2011:

Moved to northwest MO. Lots of birds around scouted all day locked up a few feilds.

Feb 18,2011-18:00:

Arrived in southern MO two days ago. Scouted for last two days , with temps in the high 60's all the snow is gone and more birds arriving daily. Hunted this am shot 27 birds with a 50/50 mix of adults to juvies.



Come Experience the Finest:

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Come Experience the Best:

  • Missouri Snow Goose Hunting
  • South Dakota Snow Goose Hunting