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  • Missouri Snow Goose Hunting
  • South Dakota Snow Goose Hunting

Eaglehead Outdoors encourages and wants feedback from all of our clients! Here is what some of our clients have said and sent in about their hunts in Missouri & South Dakota, on their spring snow goose adventures.

If you would like to leave feedback for Eaglehead Outdoors, Please e-mail, or call and be sure to drop us a picture of your lasting memory!

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Just wanted to email you guys and say thanks for the hunting trip. It was an experience for all my guys including myself. We all enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for the memories!!! Matt Dulstrum


It snow goose hunting at its finest. I heard stories of other snow goose outfitters making there customers get to the field hours early to set decoys and help take down every night. Eaglehead is still inexpensive, yet they put in all the work to put you in the best position to shoot birds every day. The endless scouting, getting fields to hunt, and setting decoy spread of 2500 plus decoys with rotaries fliers, etc. usually  in the mud, and making sure everything is ready so when we the clients get to the field, we jump in our blinds and enjoy the hunt. They take pride in staying on the birds and do everything they can to make that happen. I've hunted with them for 4 years now and it my favorite hunt of the year! Great guys!! Dave  Perish


The rest of the Ohio boys and myself want to thank you again for one of the most memorable hunts of our lives. It was a truly great experience that non of us would give back for the world! You have us all hooked, we're counting down the days until next season! Good luck on the rest of this season! We all wish we were still there KILL'EM BOY'S! See ya next year!! -Dylan

Hey guys, Thanks again what a great trip!!!  Good luck with the next few days.  I'll email you pictures this week.  Also if you didn't toss the flyer that got smoked off the rotary, I'll take it!  Talk to you later. -Moosey

Thanks to Matt and Nick for fitting us into hunt.  We had a great time! -Kim

Thank you guys for a great hunt!!  Hated to leave at noon, but I didn't want to walk back to Wisconsin.  Hope to see you again soon. -Jerry Dvorak

When I heard Nick and Matt were starting their own outfitter service I was ecstatic to book a hunt! I had the pleasure of being guided by Nick and Matt in Missouri in the spring of 2008. Not only was the hunt memorable, shooting 107 birds over three days, but these guys proved to be extremely knowledgeable guides and great guys to hunt with. After hearing about Eaglehead Outdoors there was no question that we were going to book again. Now we are counting down the days. -Derek Morgan


My hunting buddies and I got to hunt with Nick 2 years ago. While the hunting was a little slow we still managed to have a great hunt. Hunting with Nick was like hunting with a good buddy. While I know he wasn’t pleased with the numbers, myself and the guys in my party wouldn’t have traded that experience and memories for anything. We didn't get to go out last spring but we will certainly be hunting again this spring. The good experience alone was enough to convince us to hunt with Nick again. -Tracy Ericson



Come Experience the Best:

  • Missouri Snow Goose Hunting
  • South Dakota Snow Goose Hunting